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We are not able to give status reports by phone. Please send us an email for a prompt status update.


A comprehensive list of application, reference, and renewal forms for all available certifications.

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We have compiled training and study resources for exams.

Welcome to the National Registry of Certified Chemists

The National Registry of Certified Chemists is dedicated to certification based on education, examination, and excellence. We provide certifications for Chemical Hygiene Officers, Clinical Chemists, Clinical Chemistry Technologists, Environmental Analytical Chemists, Industrial Hygiene Chemists, Toxicological Chemists, Toxicological Technologists, and Cannabis Chemists.

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Basic Steps and Requirements: The specific procedure for each certification may vary slightly, but taking the following steps will ensure that you are prepared for your testing and appropriately registered.


Exams for Clinical Chemists and Clincal Chemistry Technologists


Exams for Toxicological Chemists and Toxicological Technologists


Exams for Environmental Analytical Chemists


Exam for Industrial Hygiene Chemists

Laboratory Safety

Exam for Chemical Hygiene Officers

Cannabis Chemists

Exam for Cannabis Chemists

COVID-19 statement

Many NRCC certificate holders and Board members are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

We’d like to provide a status report for anyone intending to apply for certification, in the application process, ready for an exam, or looking to renew their certification. Our office is open since nearly all our work is done electronically. We are processing applications, reference forms, transcripts, and renewals quickly. The two aspects of our operations that have slowed down a bit are application reviews by the credentials committee (many of our Board members are actively involved in the COVID-19 response) and exam scheduling. While exams are administered electronically, we still require an in-person proctor. Unfortunately, most commercial testing centers, university testing centers and public libraries are closed for the duration of the pandemic. If you need to schedule an exam, please correspond with the office so we can make sure an acceptable proctor is available. You might consider spending the waiting time studying, however! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, and please stay safe.


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