Basic Steps and Requirements

Certification Steps

The specific procedure for each certification may vary slightly, but taking the following steps will ensure that you are prepared for your testing and appropriately registered. If you have any questions, contact us as

  1. Determine which certification is right for you, and download the application & reference forms.
  2. Complete the application, including photo and notarization, and submit with the application fee either electronically or by mail.
  3. Have your education transcripts submitted to NRCC, either by mail or electronically.
  4. If you need to use credits attained outside the US or Canada to meet the education requirement, have your transcripts reviewed by one of the NRCC approved evaluation agencies and submitted to NRCC. Please see our FAQ page for a current list of acceptable evaluation agencies.
  5. Once your application file is complete (including transcripts & references), it will be submitted to a credentials committee for final review. If approved, you may schedule the exam. Please provide at least a one week’s notice before your exam date.
  6. For information on using a local proctor, consult the FAQ section.

You can find information on the individual certification procedures and details by visiting the page for the certification you need.

General Certification Requirements

Download a list of general certification requirements here.