The National Registry of Certified Chemists (NRCC)

The National Registry in Clinical Chemistry was organized in 1967 to certify Clinical Chemists and Clinical Chemistry Technologists. In 1999, the NRCC Board of Directors of NRCC changed the organization’s name to National Registry of Certified Chemists to reflect additional certification programs for chemists in other professional fields.

Various states recognize NRCC certification as a component of the licensure process for certain laboratory personnel at the Laboratory Technologist level. The Registry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia. Its sponsors include major chemical and industrial hygiene organizations in the United States. Each of these organizations nominates periodically individuals to serve on the Registry’s Board of Directors. Those elected to the Board may be reelected and may serve a maximum of three consecutive, three-year terms.

The responsibility for evaluating applicants is vested in a Credentials Committee of the Board. Three members of the Board are selected at random and on a rotating basis to serve as a Credentials Committee for each completed application. If a Credentials Committee does not reach a unanimous decision to approve or disapprove an application, the application is referred to the full Board of Directors for action.

To download a list of general certification standards, click here. Please see specific certification pages for information on individual certifications.

Board of Directors, 2020

Alina Sofronescu, Ph.D., PRESIDENT

Claire E. Knezevic, Ph.D., VICE PRESIDENT

Stefan Wawznyiecki, M.S.

Richard (Mark) O’Mara, M.S.

Seetharamaiah Chittiprol, Ph.D.

Diane Boland, Ph.D.

Manoj Tyagi, Ph.D.

Joseph Pickel, Ph.D.

David Gratson, M.S.

Michael Brisson, M.S.

Charles R. (Gus) Manning, Ph.D.

Ashton Brock, Ph.D.